Trixolutions stands for hands-on training and coaching. No overdose of theoretical models or google wisdom. We opt for a substantiated, proven and solid no-nonsense approach.

With our ADDIE (Analyse/Design/Develop/Implement/Evaluate) approach, our learning architects and trainers work to design and implement the right learning solution for you, always with a view to achieving the required objectives and learning impact. We guarantee this learning impact with our customised learning paths. These can be classical, online or a combination of both, hybrid. In which we always precede the learning moments with one or more learning incentives and follow them up with a unique method of follow-up incentives, combined with scientifically proven habit activation.

All this to achieve the real goal: a
sustainable behavioural change

We have also been using simulation actors for more than 15 years. They are specifically trained to make the learning moments even more successful, via our proven "flight-simulator" model.

Know that our content topics and expertise can be brought into multiple formats:

  • Offline, Online or a combination of both (Blended)
  • Personal coaching
  • Inspirational sessions
  • Workshops
  • (Blended) Training Program

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