Our brains, specifically our reptilian brain, are programmed to remember stories better than facts and figures. Stories stick because they capture the imagination and we can visualize them.

    Speaking in front of a group makes many people nervous. We teach you different techniques to deal with this and soon you will wonder why you ever found it difficult!

    Storytelling goes even further. Still too many times we find that in companies speakers try to convince their audience with facts and figures, with data and graphs. While we know this doesn't work. An audience wants to be touched, to be triggered, wants to know why something is important.

    Only good Storytellers will inspire their listeners and make them move in a certain direction.

    Possible Topics

    Various topics can serve for your coaching or training:

    • Basic presentation skills
    • Expert presentation skills
    • Pitching for senior management
    • Valuable pitching
    • Elevator pitch
    • Storytelling
    • Use of body language
    • Connecting with a group
    • Making powerful presentations


      The insights, methodologies and exercises above can be offered to you in the following forms:

    • Offline, Online or a combination of both (Blended)
    • Personal coaching
    • Inspirational sessions
    • Workshops
    • (Blended) Training Program