Conflict can be inspiring. That's true ..., but that’s easy to say! After all, you know from experience that conflicts mostly have a destructive effect on productivity and work atmosphere. Yet you can do something about it! Thanks to appropriate reactions, as a leader you can contribute to the resolution of the conflict. In any case, you can make sure that you do not end up in a conflict spiral. How? You will learn that in this course.

    Colleagues who no longer want to work with each other, a soured relationship with your boss or team members, political power plays or lingering disagreements… Conflict and tension can be debilitating, souring the work atmosphere and negatively affecting productivity in a company or organization.


    In the hands-on training in Conflict Management, you will learn, as an outsider or an involved party, how to address such situations and turn them around to smoother cooperation and effective conflict management. Together we explore how to get to the root cause of the tensions.


    We practice dealing with each other in a practical way and learn to discover what feelings and needs lie behind reproaches and demands. To finally reach clear agreements with each other in a win-win agreement that both parties can agree on.

    Possible Topics

    • What is a conflict?
    • What types of conflict are there?
    • What stages does a conflict go through?
    • Principles of the Model of Nonviolent Communication (M. Rosenberg)
    • Frame your message: state facts without judging
    • Building bridges: empathy and dealing with emotions in conflict
    • The impact of communication: words, voice and body language
    • Model of the logical levels
    • Getting what you want: from need to a concrete request
    • Practical simulation and exercises - Role play with concrete cases
    • Dealing with feedback and criticism
    • Conversation techniques to defuse conflict situations
    • Individual action plan to manage conflict effectively
    • Thomas and Kilmann Conflict Styles
    • Rose of Leary
    • Use of the “drama triangle”


    • Offline, Online or a combination of both (Blended)
    • Personal coaching
    • Inspirational sessions
    • Workshops
    • (Blended) Training Program

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