Busy, busy, busy! The same is probably true for you as a leader. There is always too little time. Making that urgent marketing plan. Coming up with a new project. Reviewing the quarterly figures thoroughly. Following the latest trends in your field. Searching for an interesting acquisition. That difficult but necessary conversation with an employee....

    All tasks where you have added value as a leader but don’t get around to because so many daily concerns get in the way. And then you do them at night or on weekends or worse … on vacation.


    Secretly, you are convinced that you are irreplaceable. You do everything faster and better. And sometimes you just find delegating scary because it means you are no longer fully aware of everything.


    But what if you are unlucky and temporarily unavailable? How do things proceed then? Entrepreneur Martijn Van der Tuin created a “misability plan” after what he himself called “a lot of entrepreneurial blunders”. His goal: to spend your time on things that are important and not get involved in things your employees can solve themselves.


    Do you want to learn to let go of work? Let go and trust your employees? Make yourself expendable? Then this leadership workshop is for you. You will learn in one day to translate a number of useful concepts and techniques to your own context. And you can work with those on the work floor. Because practicing leadership is what you do there!

    Possible Topics

    • Delegation as the basis of good leadership. What is delegation anyway?
    • Why should/could we delegate?
    • Your time allocation forms your starting situation. Why are you not delegating (enough)? What is your vicious cycle?
    • Why do delegate? Know your number: what you cost per hour is a benchmark. But also: give growth opportunities to your team.
    • What can/should you delegate and what definitely not?
    • Quick wins to break your patterns. “I don’t know how to do that!”
    • Delegate from your personality. Know yourself and your challenges with delegating.
    • Building out the delegating process. Delegate checklist and follow-up. Arranging consultation and reporting.
    • Preconditions of delegation
    • Get your team ready. Know your employees and build trust. The delegate growth ladder. Capture knowledge in procedures and manuals.


    • Offline, Online or a combination of both (Blended)
    • Personal coaching
    • Inspirational sessions
    • Workshops
    • (Blended) Training Program

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