We all agree that feedback is an important tool for learning and that an open feedback culture is crucial in flexible and modern organizations and teams. Yet it remains a challenge to put all this knowledge into practice.

    All too often we continue to fall into certain traps: delaying the conversation, beating around the bush, reacting defensively to feedback, ... In this module we want to work on this important skill (conditions for feedback, tips and tricks to give feedback that is clear and not questionable, ...) so you can contribute to an open feedback culture within your organization.

    Possible Topics

    Various topics can serve for your coaching or training:

    • Importance of feedback
    • Results of feedback
    • Types of feedback
    • Applications
    • Feedback models
    • BUSC/DESC Model
    • Johari Window
    • Sandwich Model
    • Recognizing the different types (thinker/doer/...)
    • Personal communication style test
    • Framework
    • Core quadrants (Offman)
    • Receiving feedback
    • Basic requirements
    • Noise
    • Self-regulation
    • Dealing with emotions
    • Practice/Micro mastery
    • Creating a culture of feedback


      The insights, methodologies and exercises above can be offered to you in the following forms:

    • Offline, Online or a combination of both (Blended)
    • Personal coaching
    • Inspirational sessions
    • Workshops
    • (Blended) Training Program