Every team member has work talents, energy resources but also frustrations. Discovering these, using the assessment, makes team members feel better and more productive.

    The 6 Talents of Teamwork

    Too many people in this world work against their will because they don't know their personal and inner work abilities. As a result, they don't do the work that gives them energy and pleasure and end up in jobs and projects that tire and demotivate them. Actually, this is an outright tragedy for 2 aspects:

    1. It causes people to lose their self-confidence and pleasure in work and/or life, which is of course a disaster for them, but also for their family and friends. And actually for society as a whole. This in itself, is terrible.
    2. Organizations and teams that don't hook into those personal intrinsic capabilities of their team members will never come close to allowing those employees to develop, utilize and achieve their full potential. They will continue to doubt those people's lack of achievement of goals, effectiveness, engagement and job satisfaction.

    The solution is for everyone, employees, managers, students, ... to discover their intrinsic work values or their work talents, as well as the abilities that they don't naturally possess and therefore will always drain energy. To connect in this way with "Working Genius"!

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    The 6 talents of teamwork is an individual assessment that reveals your own "talents" and "frustrations" by classifying them according to three groups; genius, competence and frustration.

    • Genius

      These talents come naturally, what you are good at and which give you energy and pleasure.

    • Competence

      These talents do not give extra energy but also do not cost a lot of energy because you are quite - to very - good at them.

    • Frustration

      These do not come naturally and presumably you are not good at them either.

    • The purpose of this assessment with report is to place these talents, which will enable you to make adjustments to increase your job satisfaction and effectiveness, as well as the likelihood of sustainable success. Patrick Lencioni is already convinced that reading this report will bring you insights that will give you relief and joy!

    • Additional explanation surrounding the 6 talents:
      • Reflection

        The ability to overthink, speculate and ask questions that lead to answers and actions. They lose sight easily in observing the world around them.

      • Resourcefulness

        Bringing up new ideas and solutions. People with this talent are attracted to things like organisation, creativity and resourcefulness.

      • Judgement

        Relates to instinct, intuition and a good view of things. The ability to assess an idea or situation by using and trusting their gut feeling.

      • Incentive

        Find, motivate and excite people to take action. Naturally inclined to inspire.

      • Support

        Offering people the help and support they need and responding to the needs of others without conditions or restrictions.

      • Perseverance

        This talent is naturally inclined to complete projects and ensure they are completed as directed. They get energy from overcoming obstacles and ticking off tasks on the to-do list.

    • The assessment and report are only available in English.


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