You don’t look through the same glasses as another person. Knowing and being able to apply behavioral flexibility allows for more effective collaboration and optimal functioning.

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Every person has their own personality, their own way of dealing with another person, their own communication style, and so on. Would you like to gain more insight, not only into your own behavior and preferences, but also into those of others? Would you also like to learn to deal with the different personalities so you can place someone’s behavior or reaction better and effortlessly adapt your own behavior and reaction to it in order to communicate, function and/or cooperate more effectively? Then this training is for you!

Possible Topics

The 3 main methodologies for teaching people some style flexibility are:

Insights Discovery

The color language is based on the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung. The Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist introduced the concept of psychological preferences. Insights links those preferences to 4 colors. They give you insight into your own reactions and behavior and help you understand why other people show different behavior.

As revealing as a person's first color is, the second, third and last colors can also be hugely influential in determining behavior. Everyone uses all 4 Insights colors, but the specific order and intensity of the colors varies from person to person. In fact, we all have our own unique color mix.


The DISC model is a variation of Insights Discovery and also a widely used and easily understood method that provides insight into people's behavior. It provides insight not only into your own behavior with its unique strengths and pitfalls but also into that of others. This is very valuable because it enables you to approach people the way they want to be approached. You know how to put yourself in the other person's shoes and that brings you much further, improving the relationship and communication enormously. It also reduces frustration and negative energy.

Knowledge of the DISC method helps anyone better guide their conversation partners to make the next step. By using DISC, they give their respondents a good picture of themselves, teach them to recognize another person's style and respond to it effectively.


The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the more complex variant and is also a tool that helps people gain deep insight into their own personality styles and those of others. This creates an understanding and appreciation of the differences between personality types, teams and team members are better able to work together more effectively, improve communication and reduce conflict.

Trixolutions is accredited to supervise and deliver training in these three varieties for you.


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