What is "advising vulnerable?" It’s not very clear, because it’s more a way of working, rather than a plan of action cast in concrete. Still, huge benefit if you delve into this!

    In this training you will learn this approach, described in the Lencioni best seller “The Naked Advisor.” Where “naked” refers to the “vulnerable” approach to quickly building trust with clients, colleagues, and partners.


    Here we use the three approaches described to teach the methodology:

    1. Fear of losing the business.
    2. Fear of being embarrassed.
    3. Fear of feeling inferior.

    Possible Topics

    1. Fear of losing the business.

    That means naked service consultants at the front or beginning of the process are not afraid of losing a client if they already start showing interest in the client, his business, and giving advice. This is in contrast to the traditional approach, in which advice is given only after the contract is signed.


    2. Fear of being embarrassed…

    Why be afraid to make mistakes? It’s important to be open and honest. Too often things remain undiscussed because people don’t dare to ask. A consultant from the “naked service” mindset makes things discussable.

    Even though some of the questions will appear as ridiculous, but others will actually spark thought.


    3. Fear of feeling inferior.

    Naked service consultants do not measure up to an air as “all knowers” but are able to adapt to the client in order to provide optimal support.



    The fears above are further elaborated in the book in terms such as “always consult instead of sell,” consulting does not begin after signing the contract, but at the first contact. Even if there is no contract in the end. But also ‘tell the kind truth’.


    The customer is not helped by gentle treatment when difficult decisions have to be made. If the boss’s son is unsuitable as a director, this should also be discussed appropriately.


    ‘Ask dumb questions’ is another phenomenon. No question is dumb because asking indicates that you actually want to know what something means, contains, operates, and so on.


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