Everyone has their own negotiation style. How do you make sure that you are strong as a buyer or seller? This training teaches you many tips and tricks concerning the negotiation process, your preparation, the different negotiation styles and a toolbox for difficult situations.

    This course is useful for anyone who regularly conducts internal or external negotiation discussions, such as buyers and sellers, people in a commercial department, employees who negotiate contracts.


    Participants are introduced to different negotiation styles and learn to build the conversation with a proper structure.


    Tips and tricks around preparation and influencing techniques ensure a firm position and efficient attitude during a negotiation.

    Possible Topics

    • The definition and characteristics of a negotiation;
    • How do you prepare for negotiation?
    • The different negotiation styles;
    • The characteristics of a win-win negotiation;
    • How do you structure a negotiation?
    • Interests behind positions?
    • The Harvard model of negotiation?
    • Techniques such as ZOPA and BATNA.
    • What is the difference between positional and principled (assertive) negotiation?
    • How do you recognize influence techniques?
    • How do you respond to an impasse?
    • Conversation techniques for difficult negotiating partners.
    • Specific negotiation simulations, cases, and exercises.


    • Offline, Online or a combination of both (Blended)
    • Personal coaching
    • Inspirational sessions
    • Workshops
    • (Blended) Training Program

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